The Importance of Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting in Auckland is an integral component of many industrial, commercial, and residential projects. This process utilizes specialized equipment operated by experienced professionals to cut precise openings into concrete surfaces for cuts or openings to be cut through them.

Concrete Cutting Auckland

Work of this nature is required in industrial and commercial settings in order to install new machinery and systems, as well as residential projects involving installing plumbing or electrical systems. You can find out more about it or find out more about their opening hours here.


Concrete cutting encompasses various processes used for various purposes, from creating openings in existing structures like doors or windows to decoratively altering depths and widths to make concrete look more visually appealing. As this type of cutting requires special skills and precision tool use, finding an experienced concrete cutter who understands this process and can deliver quality services is of vital importance.

A concrete saw or cutter is a specialist power tool designed to cut through concrete and other hard construction materials with precision. They typically run on gasoline, air pressure or electric motors and often include diamond-bladed blades for better cutting capability. A concrete saw can either be handheld or table-mounted depending on its size and complexity of project requirements.

Some concrete cutting methods can be very destructive, but there are ways to mitigate their damage and ensure worker safety. One such method is using a wire saw, which uses continuous loops of diamond wire for cutting through concrete structures. This method works well when creating penetrations or creating penetrations in structures; less likely to damage reinforcing steel than traditional methods and less noise-sensitive environments compared with hand sawing (hydraulic or electric handsaw). Another technique involves hand sawing which can be accomplished with various handsaw models available such as hydraulic or electric handsaws for hand sawing applications.


Concrete can be an intimidating material to cut through and often requires the assistance of a powerful machine. When creating openings for windows or doors or digging trenches for plumbing lines, the correct tools must be available for use – traditional jackhammers don’t provide as precise an edge than saws do.

Allied Concrete Cutting & Drilling has invested in cutting-edge technology to offer their clients only the best services possible. Their team can assist with all manner of commercial, industrial and residential projects ranging from renovations and additions to drilling for retaining walls, excavations and site prep work – for an accurate quote simply provide your project details and meterage number.

Their team of fully trained operators have earned them an exceptional reputation throughout Auckland for being reliable and professional, taking great care to safeguard both customers and equipment at all times. After conducting a careful analysis of your requirements, they will advise the most efficient route towards meeting them for successful outcomes.


Concrete cutting specialists draw upon years of experience and world-class arsenals of concrete-cutting equipment to take on even the most complex construction challenges. Their holistic approach optimizes safety while considering deadlines and budget; enabling them to manage any construction project successfully within its estimated timeline.

The type of aggregate used in concrete has a substantial influence on its cutting performance. Limestone, slag and coral aggregates tend to be easier than river gravel, quartzite and flint; additionally the size of aggregate plays a factor; larger maximum size aggregates require greater force for cutting than smaller aggregates.

When undertaking projects that involve the removal of existing concrete, using a rotary saw can be more efficient than using traditional percussion sawing techniques. Rotary sawing is quieter than its counterpart, and cuts through concrete with less force while cutting through steel reinforcing. Furthermore, concrete coring offers another useful technique for extracting precise cylindrical pieces from walls or floor slabs.

Concrete cutting is a highly regulated industry with potentially hazardous conditions, making the decision for which contractor you use a difficult one. When selecting one, be sure to assess their experience and seek references; additionally check certifications and licenses such as valid driver’s licenses or safety certificates; inquire as well about communication skills since an effective communicator will likely deliver high-quality work within an acceptable timeline.


Concrete cutting services are essential to many construction projects. From new buildings to old, initial concrete must be precisely cut to meet project requirements with precise cuts. This may involve wall sawing openings for doors, windows, HVAC ducting or elevators in walls; or core drilling holes through it so telecommunication, plumbing and electricity cables can run through.

Finding a reliable concrete cutting service is crucial, since choosing an unreliable one could cost both you time and money. When looking for one of these services, choose local companies in order to increase the odds of getting a great deal.

Reputable companies possess both experience and cutting equipment to efficiently meet any construction challenge. After conducting a detailed site inspection, they’ll discuss all aspects of the job involved and how they can be accomplished safely, efficiently, and at an affordable price.

Note that concrete cutting services don’t charge by the square metre; rather, their work is usually quoted hourly due to its complexity. As doing it yourself can cost both money and safety issues; hiring professional services could save both.

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