New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula Is One Of The Most Beautiful Here’s Why

There are several small towns along the coast of Coromandel, such as Thames, southwest. Other small towns on the peninsula include Te Puru, Matarangi, Whangapoua, Whiritoa, Hikuai, Port Jackson, Port Charles, Tairua, Pauanui and Colville. Many of these centres have a high seasonal population, with many Aucklanders living in holiday homes in the Coromandel. Its main centres are Thames, Whitianga, Whangamata, Paeroa, Waihi, Pauauni and Tairua. One of the most beautiful parts of Coromandel is its east coastline, between the towns of Whitianga and Tairua. This volcanic region is stunning, with beautiful white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and islands.

How long is the ferry from Auckland to Coromandel?

The gateway to the Coromandel is Thames, located within an hour’s drive from the major centres of Auckland, Hamilton, and Wellington. Jasmine, a Kiwi living in Australia, is a journalist by profession and loves helping visitors to Aotearoa. As you can see, The Coromandel is a subtropical haven in the North Island that has an array of beautiful beaches to choose from. Lonely Bay is a beautiful beach in the Coromandel.

Beyond, the large island of Great Barrier, which lies beyond the northern tip, can be thought of as an extension of the ranges. Great Barrier is separated from Cape Colville on the peninsula’s northern coast by the Colville Channel. You can pedal along the Ohinemuri River, through the Karangahake Gorge, and admire the Owharoa Falls as well as photogenic gold mining sites. Cooks Beach is one of a string of delightful sandy beaches on the Pacific Ocean coast of the Coromandel Peninsula. With early beginnings as a wild colonial gold rush settlement, Coromandel Town is known for its charming mix of Victorian architecture, beaches & forests.

  • Great Barrier is separated from Cape Colville on the peninsula’s northern coast by the Colville Channel.
  • It’s all aboard as you enjoy a scenic one-hour train ride up to the ‘Eyefull Tower’, where colossal views stretch out over the Hauraki Gulf and Islands.
  • If you prefer to walk, I recommend that you start your journey at Hahei Beach.

If Paeroa is the gateway to Karangaheke Gorge , Waihi is the palace on the other side. The Miranda Shorebird Centre offers birdlife displays, rental of binoculars, and useful The centre offers clean bunk-style accommodation (dorm beds/rooms $25/95) with a kitchen.

It has a mountainous interior covered in native rainforest and more that 400 kilometers of dazzling white beaches. It is rustic, unspoiled, and relaxed. The coastal playground of The Coromandel is full of spectacular natural highlights. The interior is mountainous and forested, with many walking trails. There’s something for everyone. The laid-back locals, golden coastline and mountainous interior have long made The Coromandel a favourite holiday spot for local kiwis.

What happens if you place a lemon next your bed?

It has one of the earliest known Maori pa (fortified village) sites that was the home of the Ngati Hei tribe. The pa was named Te Puia, because of the hot springs that are exposed on the beach at low tide. Under the precepts of Chinese medicine, balance is key, and hot or warm water is considered essential to balance cold and humidity; in addition, it is believed to promote blood circulation and toxin release. 1. Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar is a great drink to help you burn fat while sleeping. It contains acetic acid, which helps the body break down stored fat cells and use them for energy. Take a Fullers360 ferry to Auckland from Downtown Auckland. Enjoy a relaxing cruise through the Hauraki Gulf, near Coromandel Town, for 2 hours. Digging for hot water! Hot Water Beach is a fairly normal beach. However, there is one unique feature to it. When low tide is occurring, there are a few spots on the sand that are extremely hot under the ground. These natural pools can be found if you dig into the sand. The water is hot! Lemon water can cause tooth decay and enamel erosion if it is consumed regularly. Too much lemon water can cause heartburn, nausea, vomiting, or other symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux.

The warm coastal region of Abel Tasman is located at the northern end New Zealand’s South Island. Abel Tasman National Park is one of New Zealand’s smallest and most visited parks, renowned for pristine beaches, turquoise… The peninsula’s center is forested and mountainous. The Coromandel Range rises almost 900m. The contrast between the two coasts is striking. The east coast has pristine beaches and clear waters including Cathedral Cove, Hot Water Beach, and others. The west coast is less developed, but more beautiful. It is also more tidal. Take a ride on their train for a 75-minute tour through the lush bush and climb nearly 120m up the mountain to reach the Eyefull tower.

Best Beaches On New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula

However, if you are ready for an adventure, or just don’t mind the less than ideal road, here are some of the treasures you will find, in order from Coromandel town to Whitianga. There is also a wildlife sanctuary, and a gold mine. It was so good that I wrote an article about Driving Creek. Hikers and adventurers will agree that the Pinnacles hike is the highlight of Thames.

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