3 most common payment options in online casinos

The Internet has expanded the field of video games to incalculable levels, overcoming age standards, styles, and variety of genres that some enjoy more than others. However, on the web, there is always something prepared for the person if he knows how to search and, of course, if he has the good fortune to find it.

The market is extended, licenses are granted and games are added every day to the platforms that are already established. Video games for children lead in quantity, but in quality games of chance are made of a good reputation. Whether it’s their interfaces or their options, the companies that develop them do a more than optimal job.

However, the benefits of the Internet are often overshadowed by issues that occurred not so fortunate. For example, the little security of money and the possible scams that accompanied some sites when the first platforms were inaugurated. This fear, although far exceeded by most users, still makes other players doubt, who prefer to stay out of casinos with real money.

Either way, relevant sites, such as 888.com, Spin Palace, Golden Palace or Party Poker, have shown that the Internet is a safe place and that the money and time spent, if it is invested intelligently, can be very useful.

Another advantage that the web enjoys is that through it, payment methods and deposits changed completely. In conventional casinos, prizes were subject to cash or checks that sometimes could not be charged in full for tax and business requirements.

In online gambling halls, on the other hand, there are also restrictions, but these decrease considerably when talking about the methods, transactions and payment history that all platforms handle.

Credit cards

Gaming halls, like all goods and services offered online, work credit cards as a payment method because it is the most direct and immediate way to collect and transfer funds. In addition, it is a way to ensure that the person receiving the money is the same one who registered inside the room.

Most players use them. Its security system TLS / SSL protects customers from any fraudulent activity and identity theft that both occur within the web. With this means of payment, the gamblers also guarantee reimbursements and can make international currency transactions in the case of playing in a foreign online casino.

Worldwide, the credit cards that register the most online transactions per day are those of the MasterCard Company. Second is Visa, followed immediately by Diners Club, HYPERLINK and American Express.

Debit cards

Many people believe that debit and credit cards are the same. It is natural considering the number of similarities they share. However, they should not be confused and should be clarified specifically how each works.

In the case of debit cards, the casino software developers themselves claim that it is almost the same as receiving a check. The money is transferred and charged directly. In addition, another of the benefits of credit cards is that they incorporate a personal identification number – also called a PIN – that protects your data from fraudulent attacks.

To use debit cards on web platforms, users need an electronic authorization. Once this is accessed, customers are immediately notified of all transactions that are made from their account. In the case of this system, the Maestro and Visa Debit companies have the highest incidence worldwide.

Prepaid cards

Some users need, in some way, a limit to work with when entering an online game room and, for this, nothing better than a prepaid card.

This system is similar to that of cellular plans. The person enters an amount and, little by little, this is consumed while they play. Once they have reached the limit, the game will automatically report this error and cannot access until another reload has been made.

It is a control that irritates many but is necessary for many more. In that sense, there are two cards that users use frequently and that helps them to stop their expenses:

The first is about Ukash, a kind of coupon available in several places in Europe, especially popular in the United Kingdom. Each one of the cards is made up of a 19-digit code that represents the PIN of the debit cards.

Finally, Pay Safe is another option that is handled online. It is the first secure credit card that was created online and is currently the option of millions of users around the world. To negotiate with this method, you need a PIN and password, ensuring the money and privacy of users.

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