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Twisted Circus Online Pokies Review

Nothing compares to that exhilarating moment when your game becomes sweeter, entertaining and above all paying. Among the most astounding New Zealand, online gambling games that are worth playing is the Twisted Circus Online Pokies. In case you have never played it before, then this is all about the game. It is a Microgaming that comes with five different reels and presents you up to 243 ways of winning per single spin. If you are that cash-minded and love engaging in lucrative gambling, you can play it for real money. Alternatively, you can also pass the time with the free playing mode. It is available for download from over 160 licensed online casinos. Perhaps, it combines both entertainment and chance to cash in some extra coins.

Game Overview

twisted-circus-online-pokiesThe game starts with incredible circus music coupled with Tim Burton flick that submerges you in an entirely unique experience drifting you to a different world or so to say. Additionally, you will also not miss recommending the outlandish graphics that entices and thrills. Per single spin, you can pay AUD 0.30, and you can increase the value substantially to the maximum amount. You can spend as much as AUD 300. There is a massive top prize of up to 416, 000 coins to compete for. Wins are paid from left to right. It comes with a scatter and two wilds features that make it both a lucrative and non-progressive game.

How it is played

There are two different reward features. The main one is the one triggered by landing ringmaster. It is found in the third, fourth and fifth reels. When the first feature is triggered, a second screen opens, and this contains a total of sixteen stars. Here, you are required to pick three characters that match. As the symbol value on the board rises, the prize value also increases. When you match three cards, you are the lucky one, and you can scoop lucrative prizes.

Moreover, there is another bonus feature is available in the form of free spins. Three circus triggers the scatters available on the reel. Here, you can grab thirteen spins and get a chance to trigger as more spins as possible.

Coins and Paylines

play-twisted-circus-online-pokiesThe available betting range of this game ranges from 20-600 coins. It means whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can play the game at your convenience, range, and pace. The game has different winning ways because you can use different amounts to obtain multiple results. One benefit of the game is that it is not mandatory for you to fill all the five reels provided you start with the first one, you can hit as many symbols as possible in the next reels.

How to get paid

You will get paid through multiple ways. After getting three ringmaster symbols correct, you get a bonus game where you match different sights and scenes. There are four different symbols you can use to replace other symbols in the game. After that, you enter the free spins and everything will be tripled and deposited in your bank. It is one unique feature that sets the game apart. It is the weirdest pokie from Microgaming that is full of freaky fun.

For more, see the video below:

Here I am going to share my ideas about casino world which I gathered from New Zealand last year. Last year I was there for father’s operation. There I was staying in a hotel with my family. One day when I was alone in hotel and getting bored there and then I asked the service boy for some interesting things about this famous country. Then he told me about gaming clubs seriously New Zealand is famous for casino gaming. There I visited a 5 star hotel which have also a betting club. There I saw many events to play and to win real money from the dealer of the place. Dealer was a code name of person who works for the betting place and he will also change your currency into coins when you start to play any games and also change coins into currency when you exit.

win-jackpot-with-twisted-circus-online-pokiesThere I was played many hands of my favorite game named by Get rocked, this pulse emanating game is made by microgaming and it have very high quality of sound and graphics. It was a slot type games depends upon all conditions of betting. It was played upon 5 reels and 30 pay lines. If you want to win this event you need to hit reels in a chosen pay line and if you want to win jackpot of 5000 coins then you need to hit all 5 reels in a single pay line. Seriously guys I take lot of enjoyment from this event and also win much money from dealer and now whenever I feel bored then I always play this event in my mobile phone.

If you also want to enjoy online poker machines then you can also download free apps in your handset and you can also enjoy with no registration and no deposit of money.

And if you are getting bored same work, movies, places, flora, fauna and many or want relaxation then you must go through a quick search of free pokies machines like Sterling Silver 3D slot which is full of amusement and fun, you can play these events online even without any downloading and you can also read more about these pokies on different forums and blogs websites.

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